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5 Top Tips for planning a Tip-Top event

We all love attending a memorable event, but what if you are the host? Then it can become a stressful and sometimes overwhelming experience. Where do you begin? We have worked with many clients helping them create the perfect gathering or celebration....from baby showers, private dining experiences and even weddings. We have put together our top tips to ensure that if you are organising the event yourself, you can do so with a sense of confidence and calm.

1. Preparation

This is key. Start planning your event with plenty of time to allow for researching and ordering any items you need, along with sourcing the best service providers such as entertainment, venues and catering to ensure they are available on your date.

Planning as much as you can ahead of your event will allow you to solve any problems before the event, resulting in a smoother running on the day/night. Timing and organisation will see you prepared for anything that comes your way.

2. Outsource

Depending on your budget, try to outsource as much as you can for your event. There is nothing worse than spending the day frantically cooking for your occassion, to find your guests arriving whilst you’re still hot and bothered from the kitchen. Often caterers will bring along their own serving staff which leaves you free to enjoy your event along with your guests. MC’s, DJ’s and entertainers are perfect areas to outsource leaving you to mingle freely without any burdens.

3. Details, details...

It really is all in the detail and I can’t express enough how important it is to not overlook the finer details, its these that turn a good event into a fabulous one! Whether it’s the decorations, the food, the greeting of guests, the atmosphere or the timing of speeches and entertainment – its these things that make the guests think wow! Imagine attending the event as a guest, it’s all the little details that will make them feel special and your event run smoothly.

4. Guests

Keeping your guests happy during your event is an important part in the planning. Try to keep a loose structure to your event and bring a personal touch by having someone greet your guests and showing them to their seats/drinks area/entertainment etc – this will have them feeling special and welcomed. If you intend to place guests for dinner, pay particular attention to the seating arrangements....the last thing you want around the table is an uncomfortable atmosphere among your guests!

5. Me Time

Aim to have some me time before your event starts, about half an hour before your first guests are due to arrive, pour yourself a drink. Relax, breathe, and take in all your hard work and effort, so when your guests walk through the door you are the epitome of the perfectly relaxed host, ready to enjoy the gathering and the company of those attending.


These tips will see you on your way to hosting the perfect event, but if you want to hand over the reins of organising to a professional then get in touch, we can plan and organise the event with you to ensure the concept becomes reality!


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