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Giving the gift of time.

Sometimes it can be hard finding a gift for someone who 'has it all'. It seems that they don't need or want for anything. How about giving them the gift of time?

A Personal Concierge service is becoming an increasingly popular gift. You can give them as many hours as you like by purchasing Concierge Gift Vouchers.

Christmas is such a busy time and is often when people seek the services of a Personal Concierge, but how about giving someone special their own personal concierge for Christmas or their birthday, or even for a new mum-to- be?


Here are some areas in which a Personal Concierge gift could be a welcome


Home organisation

Our lives and homes can be quite cluttered at times. A Personal Concierge can

tackle these issues, especially for new mums who are tending to newborns and who

don't have the time or energy to keep on top of such things. The service is also great

for busy entrepreneurs and working parents who have tight schedules in which to fit

all they need to do.

A Concierge can help busy people manage their lives, from arranging house/garden

maintenance to shopping for gifts/groceries to simply keeping on top of bills and paperwork. The beauty of having a Personal Concierge is that they can carry out most requests that are asked of them quicker and probably better than you could do yourself.

Relocation Assistance

Perhaps your loved one is moving to a new area or even a new country. Giving them

the gift of a Personal Concierge could really help them settle faster into their new home environment. They can help with decluttering and packing, organise the removal company and be on hand the other end to help with the unpacking. A Concierge can carry out research for them before arrival to their new area. They can offer assistance with property or school research, arranging appointments, etc. Perhaps they could organise all the utilities for the new home so that your loved one can arrive and start living their new life without the hum- drum of such tasks.

Event Planning

Does your loved one have a party or wedding coming up and not quite know where

to begin in planning such an event? Enlisting the help of a professional to assist with

procedures can take the stress and strain out of the situation. Gifting a Personal

Concierge to help organise a wedding can be the perfect present for a bride-to- be.

Maybe they have an anniversary coming up. A Personal Concierge can take the reins

and assist your loved one in planning the perfect evening or weekend. This is

especially helpful if your loved one has great ideas but doesn't have the time or

experience to actually organise it all.


Whether you hire your loved one a Personal Concierge for just a few hours or schedule one on an ongoing basis, giving the gift of time can be the perfect gesture. With some

imagination and the help of a Personal Concierge, you can give the ultimate present...time. It's what most of us wish we had more of, and now your loved ones can.

If you'd like more information or would like to organise a Gift Voucher for someone you know, then get in touch with us here.



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