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Add some Life to your Style with a Personal Concierge!

Personal Concierge Sydney

When I tell people I am a Personal Concierge, I am typically met with a puzzled look, followed by lots of questions. When they understand what I do, they always say they wished they had a Concierge in their life! It's still a relatively young industry here in Australia, although very established in the States and the UK. People assume you need to be rich and famous to employ the services of a Personal Concierge - but that really isn't the case. People from all walks of life employ our services, from busy families and new parents to time poor professionals and small business owners.

A Personal Concierge can manage any aspect of your lifestyle, taking away the stress and anxiety that often results from an overwhelming, busy life thus giving you back more time to focus on the things that matter to you.

Imagine running your own business, with a long day full of back-to- back meetings, yet your personal to-do list at home is bursting at the seams and you can’t imagine when on earth you will find the time to make even one of the several calls you need to make. How will you find that time?

Now imagine you have your Personal Concierge at your disposal, someone who you trust, who knows how you like things done, who knows your likes and dislikes and your preference in terms of communication. Imagine having to make just one quick call and receiving updates on all the items on your to-do list because your Personal Concierge has it covered.

They have ordered your new fridge and waited in for its delivery, purchased and wrapped the present for your parents' wedding anniversary and taken your car in for its service, all while you were on your flight back from an overseas business meeting.

"Being able to free up my client's time is so rewarding and completing all the tasks that had sat on their to do list for ever gives me great satisfaction, as I know how much of a welcomed relief it is for them." Natalie, Belle Vie Concierge Founder.

The role of a Personal Concierge is as diverse as their clients. Armed with their little black book of connections and a solid network behind them, they can become an indispensable asset to your life, providing the seamless service and support their client's demanding lifestyle require. With the Australian Institute finding that 42% of workers feel their work/life balance has worsened over the past few years, I expect many more people will seek out their services in the future.

In short, a Personal Concierge will help you fit 48 hours into a 24-hour day, and that, basically, is priceless.

Personal Concierge Sydney

Belle Vie Concierge | Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Manager | Your part time PA | Fitting 48hrs into a 24hr day


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